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The Team (In Order Of Appearance)

Sven Efftinge
Sven EfftingeCo-Founder, Software Engineer
Sven loves finding sweet spots in product development. Always keeping an eye on pragmatism and the real benefit for the end user, he has proven to be a creative source for many sucessful technologies. He is a co-founder of TypeFox and the founder and project lead of the Xtext project family.
Dr. Jan Köhnlein
Dr. Jan KöhnleinCo-Founder, DSL expert
Jan is one of the co-founders of TypeFox. He has been a committer to the Eclipse Xtext from the beginning and is the mind behind the FXDiagram project.
Moritz Eysholdt
Moritz EysholdtCo-Founder, Software Engineer
Moritz has successfully led many software tool projects all over the world. He is the creator of the Xpect project and implemented the serializer and the formatter components in Xtext.
Moritz is one of the founders of TypeFox.
Anton Kosyakov
Anton KosyakovSoftware Engineer
Anton works on cloud based IDEs and is a very active open-source guy, who contributes to many different projects like JupyterLab, the language server protocol, VS Code and of course Xtext.
Dr. Miro Spönemann
Dr. Miro SpönemannSoftware Engineer
Miro is co-leading Eclipse LSP4J and a committer to the Eclipse Layout Kernel (ELK) and Eclipse Xtext. In his PhD he developed the diagram layout algorithm ELK Layered, which is the most popular layout algorithm in ELK.
Christian Schneider
Christian SchneiderLanguage Design and Modelling Expert
Christian not only is a committer to Xtext, but also has a strong background of diagram creation. He is one of the creators of the KLighD project.
Dennis Huebner
Dennis HuebnerSoftware Engineer, Container Expert
Dennis is a full-stack software engineer with additional specialization in continuous integration and build engineering, hosting cloud services as well as Docker and the surrounding ecosystem.
Alex Tugarev
Alex TugarevSoftware Engineer
Alex is a passionate software developer with special interest in cloud and web based software tools. He is contributing to many open-source technologies on a regular basis.
Akos Kitta
Akos KittaSoftware Engineer
Akos’ focus is on web technologies, eclipse RCP and language engineering. He is a very communicative and dedicated team player and contributes to various open-source technologies on a regular basis.
Jan Bicker
Jan BickerSoftware Developer
Like Darth Vader is dedicated to the dark side of the force, Jan is dedicated to the client side of web applications. As a developer he is always hunting for the creative and cool stuff in the virtual world like Boba Fett is hunting for Han Solo. And yes, he is a Star Wars Fan.
Insa Fuhrmann
Insa FuhrmannSoftware Engineer
Insa is fascinated by creating languages and tools that help people work efficiently and with a smile. She also has a special grasp on the handling of interdisciplinary domains: she is not only a software engineer with an effective research background, but also a fully trained lawyer.