Introducing Gitpod – Frictionless Coding on GitHub

No Setup, Less Waiting, More Flow. Every day developers waste millions of hours switching contexts between projects and branches, setting up development environments, or simply waiting for builds to complete. This friction is not only time consuming but is a serious barrier for contributors. Reading through a long list of setup instructions and messing up your own laptop is just [...]

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Gitpod: A One-Click Online IDE

We at TypeFox are thrilled to announce the public beta of Gitpod. So far we have not been particularly loud about it, so it’s likely you haven’t heard about our first product. Gitpod is an online IDE for GitHub and other Git-hosting-services. With a single click on a GitHub-Issue, Pull-Request or Branch, Gitpod launches a developer workspace for you. [...]

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Visualizing npm Package Dependencies with Sprotty

Sprotty is an open-source diagramming framework that is based on web technologies. I'm excited to announce that it will soon be moved to the Eclipse Foundation. This step will enable existing visualizations built on the Eclipse Platform to be migrated to cloud IDEs such as Eclipse Theia. But Sprotty is not limited to IDE integrations; it can be embedded in [...]

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Theia  –  May 2018 Update

It has been a while since I last shared an update about Theia. A lot has happened since then. Eclipse Theia That’s right, Theia is moving to the Eclipse Foundation. The project has already been created and we are now in the process of getting approval from all the committers to relicense the code base. So far, Theia was licensed under Apache [...]

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Explore the Call Hierarchy in Theia

Having written a lot of code in Java with Eclipse, one thing that I have really been missing with TypeScript in VSCode was the call hierarchy: Show all callers of a method, then the callers of the callers etc. in a tree. This view is very useful when browsing code to get an understanding of the control flow. It [...]

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Flexible Window Layout in Theia IDE

Theia is an open source IDE for cloud and desktop. The project is relatively young, but currently moving forward with an astonishing speed. This post describes one of the numerous recent contributions: a more flexible window layout. Components of a Theia Window A Theia window has four areas where editors, views etc. (called widgets in the following) can be placed, [...]

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