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Explore the Call Hierarchy in Theia

Having written a lot of code in Java with Eclipse, one thing that I have really been missing with TypeScript in VSCode was the call hierarchy: Show all callers of a method, then the callers of the callers etc. in a tree. This view is very useful when browsing code to get an understanding of the control flow. It [...]

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Flexible Window Layout in Theia IDE

Theia is an open source IDE for cloud and desktop. The project is relatively young, but currently moving forward with an astonishing speed. This post describes one of the numerous recent contributions: a more flexible window layout. Components of a Theia Window A Theia window has four areas where editors, views etc. (called widgets in the following) can be placed, [...]

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Theia – VS Code in the Cloud

… that supports native desktop apps through Electron, too. VS Code is an awesome development tool. It comes with the right balance of simplicity and feature depth. The quality is really high and it performs very well in all situations. Even die-hard Emacs fans are convinced. As VS Code is mostly implemented in TypeScript you would assume that you [...]

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Xtext 2.13.0 Released: Semantic Editing Made Easy

Today we are excited to release Xtext 2.13.0 and I would like to give you an opinionated tour through some of the new features. There is one area where particularly much happened: Refactoring support and QuickFix support. I want to thank Jan and Dennis for implementing significant parts of it. Refactoring and QuickFix are similar: They take the DSL documents [...]

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Theia Update – Extensions, Git Support & More

Back in May, we announced a new open-source IDE framework for build Desktop & Cloud IDEs implemented in TypeScript. Since then, Theia has become more mature and feature rich, approaching its BETA release on December 6. During the last couple of months, the Theia developers (we count 19 contributors so far with two companies backing up the development) have been [...]

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Extending a Language Server With Sprotty Diagrams

In my last post, I described how we connected an Xtext-based language server for the YANG language into various editor clients. Today, I will show how we added graphical diagrams using the sprotty framework. These diagrams show a graphical overview on your YANG documents. They are automatically layouted and updated on changes. They allow to navigate between diagram and [...]

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