We build professional software tools and languages for domain experts.

Who We Are

TypeFox is the company behind the award winning Xtext framework. We offer many years of experience in programming language engineering and development of corresponding professional tools.

Our passion is to help engineers and other professionals being more productive. We strive for simple and orthogonal designs that give you the right level of abstraction together with the flexibility needed for the task at hand.

Latest From The Blog

The Language Server Protocol in Java

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The Language Server Protocol (LSP) is an interface for connecting arbitrary languages to development tools (IDEs). Such a connection enables important features like validation and code completion, which have become a matter of course in today's IDEs. LSP is maintained [...]

How And Why Use Xtext Without The IDE

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Xtext is a language development framework that is best known for the rich tool support it gives you for your programming languages. But even if you don't need editing capabilities, Xtext has much more to offer than a simple parser [...]

Taming The Lexer

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Language parsing is traditionally split into two phases: Lexing and Parsing. In this post I want to talk about how a Lexer generally works and what you can do if it doesn't. What A Lexer Does The duty of a [...]

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User Reviews

“TypeFox delivers deep knowledge in domain-specific language engineering, specifically with their frameworks Xtext and Xtend. Their sustainable consultancy always helps us keeping the “big picture” from a software engineering perspective. Beside their high expertise, they are really nice guys and a pleasure to work with.”
Christoph Henrici, APGSGA