Getting Closer to Xtext 2.11: Beta 2

A second milestone towards Xtext 2.11 named Beta 2 has been published today! The feature set is largely at the same state as with the Beta 1 published on October 21st. The main difference is that we spent a lot of effort in the build system for the new repository structure, allowing us to publish both for Eclipse and for Maven in a clean and consistent way. This means that you can use this new milestone also with Gradle or Maven projects, e.g. in applications built on the Xtext web integration.

We would like to encourage all Xtext users to check this milestone version with their applications and to give us feedback. Now there’s still time to improve things before 2.11.0 is released (January 24th).

Using the Cutting Edge

As usual you can find nightly built snapshots on the Xtext Latest update site or on Sonatype Snapshots. However, if you want to apply even more up-to-date versions to your application, all subprojects of Xtext now offer their build artifacts in local repositories on our build server:

These builds are triggered automatically when changes are pushed to the corresponding GitHub repositories. Please note that while the nightly built snapshots have signed JARs, the cutting edge builds are not signed.

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About the Author:

Miro is a software engineer and consultant at TypeFox and a committer for Xtext, ELK, and LSP4J. He started to get involved into open source development while researching graph layout algorithms and their application to graphical modeling at the University of Kiel. Miro's contributions to KIELER, an academic project on modeling pragmatics and semantics, have been the foundation of his doctoral thesis and are now part of the ELK project.


  1. Chetan Laddha December 28, 2016 at 10:41

    Thanks for the article !!

    As this release has one major feature of LSP. Can you point or elaborate how we can generate Xtext based LSP from existing Xtext file?
    As per my understading, we don’t need to do anything and framework will take care of generating LanguageServer Launcher?

  2. Andreas Dolk January 25, 2017 at 19:29

    Hi Miro,

    do you have an update on the release date for 2.11.0?


    • Miro Spönemann January 26, 2017 at 08:33

      Hi Andreas, the release has been delayed for another week for formal reasons. The definite date is 1st of February.

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