Growing TypeFox

Good news for the Xtext community: This month three more Xtext committers joined our team at TypeFox. Let me introduce you to our new colleagues Anton, Christian and Miro: Anton Kosyakov became an Xtext and Xtend committer in July 2013. He has improved our codebase  a lot ever since, and he has created major parts of the new IntelliJ plug-ins. [...]

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Xtext’s New Generator: Migration

Xtext 2.9 ships with a new generator architecture, which is described in the previous post. Even though there is no immediate urge to migrate an existing language to the new generator infrastructure, here is how to do it. Make sure to keep a copy of your old code in order to safely roll back in case something goes wrong. If [...]

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Xtext’s New Generator

Xtext 2.9 adds support for two additional editor platforms: Web-editors and IDEA. It also adds generic build system integration for Maven and for Gradle. As a result the number of generator options has grown a lot. So we took the opportunity to re-implement Xtext's code generator – the one that creates the language infrastructure from the grammar. The new generator no longer [...]

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Tutorial: Embedded Java With Xtext

Jbase is a customization of Xbase to handle pure Java expressions and to adhere to the stricter Java type system. Jbase main implementation aspects are: redefines many of the Xbase grammar rules so that they can handle Java expressions (including array access expressions with []) customizes the Xbase compiler to handle additional Java expressions customizes the Xbase type system to [...]

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How To Eat The World With DSLs

Everybody repeats the popular quote by investor Marc Andreessen: “ Software is Eating the World”. This phrase describes how software is going everywhere these days and how it disrupts traditional businesses. Industries that seemed to be well-established and developed are taken over by startups with software in often just a couple of months. Think of how Netflix has impacted the TV [...]

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