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Teaching the Language Server Protocol to Microsoft’s Monaco Editor

Through the past years we have been integrating all kinds of different JavaScipt code editors, like Ace, Orion or CodeMirror into custom web-based software tools. Since last June another very good editor, has been available: Microsoft's Monaco editor, the editor widget that is used at the core of VSCode. Besides the very good quality and speed of the editor, the API is very [...]

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Xtext 2.11 Is Released

After more than 7 months we finally got Xtext 2.11 out the door. Thanks for your patience. But good things come to those who wait! So go and get it while it's hot. Xtext 2.11 comes with tons of bugfixes and improvements for the framework itself and for Xtend. If you want more technical details, please have a look [...]

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Xtext Summit @EclipseCon France – Call For Papers

The Eclipse Foundation has just released the Call For Papers for the upcoming EclipseCon France in lovely Toulouse. EclipseCon France is a three-day conference,  starting with an unconference day and followed by two days of sessions about Eclipse technologies. In previous years, introductory sessions and new & noteworthy talks about Xtext have been part of the standard program. This year, however, we decided to [...]

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Tutorial – Building A Language Server For Your DSL

Hey there, this is Christian. VS Code's Language Server Protocol opens up a new horizon of programming IDE development. And there's good news: Eclipse Xtext 2.11 will support you in building up a language server for your DSLs. With this post I want to demo that by means a pre-release snapshot starting with a blank desk. I gonna tell you about [...]

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Getting Closer to Xtext 2.11: Beta 2

A second milestone towards Xtext 2.11 named Beta 2 has been published today! The feature set is largely at the same state as with the Beta 1 published on October 21st. The main difference is that we spent a lot of effort in the build system for the new repository structure, allowing us to publish both for Eclipse and [...]

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Eclipse LSP4J Is Here!

This week the LSP4J repository finally got created and filled with the initial contributions. LSP4J is a Java binding of Microsoft's Language Server Protocol (LSP) with a Java implementation of the extended JSON RPC v2.0 the LSP is based on. The project aims at simplifying implementation of a LanguageClient (an editor) or a LanguageServer (e.g. a modern compiler) in Java. Here [...]

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