Xtext 2.11 Beta 1 Is Here!

The Xtext 2.11 release has been rescheduled for January 24th 2017, as we underestimated the amount of work in front of us and overestimated the amount of time we could spend. Today's beta release is merely a sanity check to ensure that we can still build a complete SDK update site. Don't use it in production, also we will modify and enhance the code [...]

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Xtext Core – Less is More

In this post I want to give a short update of what we've been doing in Xtext and what the future plans are. As you probably know, Xtext has been around for a couple of years growing into a very mature framework for implementing full blown programming languages like Xtend as well as simpler more focussed domain specific languages. One [...]

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Building a VS Code Extension with Xtext and the Language Server Protocol

In the upcoming Version 2.11, Xtext will support the Language Server Protocol defined by Visual Studio Code. This is a very important step, as the protocol is generic and is going to be supported by other editors such as Eclipse or Che as well. In this post I want to give the early adopters among us a head start and [...]

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The Language Server Protocol in Java

Note: The ls-api library has been superseded by LSP4J. Parts of this post refer to outdated API. The Language Server Protocol (LSP) is an interface for connecting arbitrary languages to development tools (IDEs). Such a connection enables important features like validation and code completion, which have become a matter of course in today's IDEs. LSP is maintained by Microsoft and [...]

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How And Why Use Xtext Without The IDE

Xtext is a language development framework that is best known for the rich tool support it gives you for your programming languages. But even if you don't need editing capabilities, Xtext has much more to offer than a simple parser generator like Antlr. In this post I will first describe the aspects and features that Xtext offers on the runtime [...]

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