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Theia Update – Extensions, Git Support & More

Back in May, we announced a new open-source IDE framework for build Desktop & Cloud IDEs implemented in TypeScript. Since then, Theia has become more mature and feature rich, approaching its BETA release on December 6. During the last couple of months, the Theia developers (we count 19 contributors so far with two companies backing up the development) have been [...]

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Extending a Language Server With Sprotty Diagrams

In my last post, I described how we connected an Xtext-based language server for the YANG language into various editor clients. Today, I will show how we added graphical diagrams using the sprotty framework. These diagrams show a graphical overview on your YANG documents. They are automatically layouted and updated on changes. They allow to navigate between diagram and [...]

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YANG-Tools: One Language Server for Four IDEs

There is a lot of hype around the Language Server Protocol: It allows language implementors to encapsulate the editor support for their language in a server that can talk to various clients through a JSON-based protocol. While initially designed for Visual Studio Code, lots of other editor clients started supporting it, and lots of language servers for all kind [...]

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Linking Xtext Models With EMF Models

This article shows the necessary steps to enable cross-references between Xtext models and other EMF based models. It focusses on the linking aspects, and keeps things like the synchronization, transactions, singleton editing domains, dirty-state handling etc. aside. So for a full integration, let’s say with Sirius, this is only one part of the story. There are often good reasons [...]

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sprotty – A Web-based Diagramming Framework

Development tools in the web are trending. With Theia, we have already started to build an IDE platform with web technologies that works for browser apps as well as rich clients. While Xtext, Monaco, and LSP constitute a good foundation for textual editing, the question arises whether we can extend this idea for graphics. So we started brooding over [...]

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Generate Traced Code with Xtext

Xtext 2.12 is released on May 26th. As described in its release notes, a main novelty is an API for tracing generated code. Why Tracing? Whenever you transpile code from one language to another, you need some kind of mapping that instructs the involved tools how to navigate from a piece of source code to the respective target code and [...]

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