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Linking Xtext Models With EMF Models

This article shows the necessary steps to enable cross-references between Xtext models and other EMF based models. It focusses on the linking aspects, and keeps things like the synchronization, transactions, singleton editing domains, dirty-state handling etc. aside. So for a full integration, let’s say with Sirius, this is only one part of the story. There are often good reasons [...]

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sprotty – A Web-based Diagramming Framework

Development tools in the web are trending. With Theia, we have already started to build an IDE platform with web technologies that works for browser apps as well as rich clients. While Xtext, Monaco, and LSP constitute a good foundation for textual editing, the question arises whether we can extend this idea for graphics. So we started brooding over [...]

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Generate Traced Code with Xtext

Xtext 2.12 is released on May 26th. As described in its release notes, a main novelty is an API for tracing generated code. Why Tracing? Whenever you transpile code from one language to another, you need some kind of mapping that instructs the involved tools how to navigate from a piece of source code to the respective target code and [...]

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Theia – One IDE For Desktop & Cloud

Today, I want to point you at a GitHub repository we have been contributing to for the last couple of weeks. Theia is a collaborative and open effort to build a new IDE framework in TypeScript. “Yet another IDE?”, You might think. Let me explain the motivation behind it and how its scope is unique compared to existing open-source [...]

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Xtext LSP vs. Xtext Web

The Eclipse Xtext language development framework can be used to implement domain-specific languages (DSLs) as well as fully blown programming languages. In addition to a modern compiler architecture, it comes with tool support for different platforms, like Eclipse, IntelliJ and Web. Since supporting all these different editor platforms is a lot of effort, we are strong supporters of the [...]

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Teaching the Language Server Protocol to Microsoft’s Monaco Editor

Through the past years we have been integrating all kinds of different JavaScipt code editors, like Ace, Orion or CodeMirror into custom web-based software tools. Since last June another very good editor, has been available: Microsoft's Monaco editor, the editor widget that is used at the core of VSCode. Besides the very good quality and speed of the editor, the API is very [...]

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